La pronuncia della Corte costituzionale sulla "legge anti-moschee" della Lombardia, tra riaffermazione del principio di laicità e riparto di competenze Stato - Regioni


[The ruling of the Italian Constitutional Court concerning ‘anti-mosque’ laws in the Lombardia Region, involving the renewed confirmation of the principle of  citizens’ right to worship without any reference to State-determined religious institutions,  as well as the division of  powers between the Central Government – its Regional Governments] The desire to limit the phenomenon of opening new places of worship has stimulated some Italian Regions to develop models of intervention that challenge the limits of  legitimacy, both as concerns the nature of the procedures being planned as well as the fact that they exclusively concern the domain of urban planning (public interest). The Court did not fail to clearly point out in its ruling what Italian law sets down concerning religious behaviour, including the right to worship freely and without reference to State-determined religious institutions.

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