I compilatori giustinianei e i libri ad Vitellium di Paolo


[Justinian’compilers and Paul’s books ad Vitellium] This research is dedicated to the treatment of Paul’s books ad Vitellium by Justinian’s compilers. After a brief introduction, the Author analyzes two (within the legacy of usufruct) of the five decisiones placed in the title C. 3.33 “De usu fructu et habitatione et ministerio servorum”, in order to demonstrate that during the drafting of the so-called quinquaginta decisiones, Justinian’s compilers read, among the other materials of the classical jurists, also the books ad Vitellium, as a “monograph” on the matter of the testaments and in particular of the legacies. Then, the research focuses on a constitutio (again on the subject of usufruct) - which can be counted among the constitutiones ad commodum propositi operis pertinentes and also included in the aforementioned title of the Code - to emphasize that, during the work of the Digest, Paul’s books ad Vitellium often constituted the object of consultation by the commissioners, also at the instigation of the libri ad Sabinum.

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