Italian SMEs and new scenarios in the current geopolitical turmoil


  • Tonino Pencarelli University of Urbino Carlo Bo
  • Francesca Maria Cesaroni University of Urbino Carlo Bo
  • Paola DeMartini Univeristy of Rome 3



small and medium firms; Covid 19; performances


In this editorial of 1/2022 of Piccola Impresa/Small Business, which from now on will be available in open access by registering on the website, we cannot fail to bring to the attention of our readers the dramatic situation many European and Italian SMEs suffer from, both as a consequence of the health emergency caused by COVID-19 and the enormous turmoil generated by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. These two shocks have generated negative impacts on the supply markets of raw materials and energy and have caused inevitable inflationary consequences and a slowdown in the economic recovery. Thus the resilience of many production systems is seriously at risk, especially those, like the Italian one, characterized by a very high number of SMEs, due to their resource constraints, lack of financing, and constrained managerial capabilities.


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