Deadline extension Joint SPECIAL ISSUE European Journal of Cultural Management and Policy Piccola Impresa/Small Business“Cultural Entrepreneurship and Cultural Initiatives Challenges in a new context”

This special issue wish to stimulate a  reflection on the most suitable governance and management models for the cultural and creative entrepreneurial ventures for managing these changes needs to be carried out. It could start on the need to shift governance approaches from a “micro” perspective to a “meso” perspective (Bonet and Donato, 2011; Demartini et al., 2021), involving multiple partners and stakeholders and unveiling the new opportunities offered by regional projects of culture-led regeneration and development (Sacco and Tavano Blessi, 2009; Pencarelli et al., 2017; Petrova, 2018). It also means reflecting on the funding schemes for cultural and creative entrepreneurship in these new virtual and physical ecosystems, and how they could be further developed to meet the challenges ahead through cooperation and complementarity with local funding possibilities. This call opens to a multidisciplinary and even interdisciplinary approach to this theme, including contributions from organization theory, sociology, psychology, management (theory), entrepreneurship, cultural tourism, destination management, governance and development, innovation, and the creative industries. Expected contributions will focus on an analysis of individuals/entrepreneurs/organisations as well as networks and cooperations in the cultural and creative sector. For more details see the following link: