Legal principles of activities of public administration entities, which carry out measures in the field of prevention and control of domestic violence


The relevance of the study is due to the increase in the number of actors in the field of preventing and combating domestic violence, among which the growing role of public administration. The purpose of the article is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the legal framework for the activities of public administration entities that implement measures in the field of preventing and combating domestic violence. The leading methods for research have become dialectical - when considering the subjects of public administration; general methods (namely analysis and synthesis) - in the study of the concept of "domestic violence" and its varieties; comparative legal method - in the review and study of legal literature, the main scientific approaches to solving research problems, issues of classification of subjects and their administrative and legal status, analysis of foreign legislation. It is determined that domestic violence is a very important problem for Ukrainian society, characterized by imperfect legislation, difficult socio-economic situation and widespread ignorance of the population in their rights, as well as in ways to protect them. This is primarily due to the lack of resources of actors involved in measures to prevent and combat domestic violence.  The need for tougher sanctions, the creation of specialized units of public administration and the creation of an effective mechanism for domestic violence based on the experience of the United States and Canada was also argued.

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