We are pleased to welcome authors and readers to this new web platform that will host this journal from 2022. First of all, we wish to thank the efficient technical staff of the University of Urbino who will assist us and work alongside us in this new adventure. A special thanks goes to Roberta Mullini for having guided and accompanied us over the years: we do hope she will continue to support us in our work with her valuable advice and expertise. Finally, a promise: in this transition year we will not be able to publish the first issue by July, as usual; however, both issues will be dated 2022.


Issue 1/2022 will be miscellaneous, collecting articles relevant to the journal’s cultural interests (see the “Home” and “About” pages of this site, and past issues in the website

<>, which thanks to Ledonline will continue to be visible and searchable).

Authors wishing to contribute to this issue are therefore invited to register and to upload their submissions by the deadline of 15 May 2022. Only papers fully complying with the requirements set out in the guidelines will undergo the double-blind peer review process.