About the Journal

Linguæ & is a first tier double blind peer-reviewed Journal which provides a new outlet for interdisciplinary research on language and literature, giving voice to a cross-cultural and multi-genre koine. While the idea for the journal was originally developed within the post-graduate programme in European Intercultural Studies at the University of Urbino, Italy, its scope goes far beyond that of exploring pre-established cultural paradigms. Indeed, its strongly experimental and dialogic approach to the ongoing debate should also serve as encouragement for the submission of new work by young researchers. 

Studies from a wide range of disciplines are welcome and will, each in their own way, contribute to the exploration and definition of a particularly complex field characterised by over-lapping, interwoven contributions and at times even unresolved differences. Thus, the journal constitutes a unique arena for exchanges of opinion, and should foster the bringing together of ideas, laying the groundwork for a new cultural itinerary.

No one language will be privileged in the journal, nor will any single culture predominate. The studies published will themselves, from one issue to the next, define the character of the journal: not for the sake of obtaining an “eclectic” array of contributions, but rather to leave ample room for the many voices which are currently enlivening the scholarly debate on linguistic, cultural and literary topics.