Religione e diritto militare: ‘l’obiezione di coscienza’ dei cristiani


[Religion and military law: "conscientious objection" of Christians]. Starting from the analysis of the Passio Sancti Maximiliani, which bears witness to the refusal of the Maximilian conscript to provide military service for reasons not properly connected to idolatry, as for other Christian martyrs, but to Christian ethics, we intend to shed light on the other hand, on the discipline of desertion and, on the other, to outline the internal change in Christianity with respect to the military question. At first the Christians could serve in the Army in times of peace, evidently in the police services and the like, maintaining a distinction between the military, allowed to the Christian, and the bellare, not allowed. This separation will remain until the Constantinian turning point, from which military service will be completely accepted, leaving the exemption only for priests.

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