Soldati, sanzioni, i prati di Apamea e Cuiacio nel Commentarius di Gotofredo a C. Th. 7.7.3


[Soldiers, penalties, the meadows of Apamea and Cujas in Godefroy’s Commentarius on C. Th. 7.7.3] This article, following Godefroy’s Commentarius on C. Th. 7.7.3, focuses on two different aspects of the constitution, issued by Arcadius in 398 for the purpose of prohibiting soldiers from feeding their animals in the public meadows of Apamea and in the private ones in Antioch, under penalty of a fine of twelve pounds of gold. In Code of Justinian 11.61.2, this constitution presents a slightly different text tradition. Firstly, the author analyses which type of responsibility (personal or collective) is imposed on soldiers. A quote by Godefroy from Cujas, who reports a misterious passage of the Basilica, is then put into examination.

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