Empirismo e ideologia. Il marxismo italiano e Dewey


This article examines the dialogue between twentieth century Italian philosophy and American pragmatism. The second post-war period Italian culture is marked by an interest in Dewey’s writings. The rewiew “Il Politecnico” by Elio Vittorini is interested in the American philosopher, it indicates a convergence between the young Marx and pragmatism. Dewey is an important point of reference for rationalist philosophy. On the contrary, Marxist intellectuals reject the philosopher, seeing him as an ideological phenomenon of American imperialism. However, after the 1956 crisis and publication of Praxis ed empirismo by Giulio Preti (1957), a different critical attitude prevails in Marxist studies. Especially in pedagogical essays, some intellectuals show the links between Dewey’s thought and the Gramsci’s reflection in the Quaderni del carcere.


Pragmatism; Imperialism; Marxism; Philosophy; Socialism.


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