La rivincita di Engels

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Piedra Arencibia , R. (2021). La rivincita di Engels. ——— Materialismo Storico ——— Rivista Di Filosofia, Storia E Scienze Umane, 10(1), 242–266.


This text argues on the triple vengeance that Engels’ thought achieve respectively to natural sciences, philosophy and nature. The revenge of natural sciences lies in the adverse socio-political consequences that the lack of interest in Marxism in comparison with the sciences has entailed. Philosophy takes revenge on the scientists who abandoned it but then they cannot truly do without it. Finally, nature itself takes his vengeance on those who consider it as an amorphous and passive matter, without history or negativity, showing unexpected ways of reacting to our productive activity, which, if not rationally regulated, can lead to the extinction of humankind.


Engels; Marx; Marxist Philosophy; Ecology; Natural Sciences.

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