The Neo-Gramscians in the Study of International Relations: An Appraisal

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McNally, M. (2017). The Neo-Gramscians in the Study of International Relations: An Appraisal. ——— Materialismo Storico ——— Rivista Di Filosofia, Storia E Scienze Umane, 2(1), 93–114.


In this article I provide an appraisal of the neo-Gramscian approach to the study of international relations by focusing on three of its major exponents: Robert Cox, Stephen Gill and Adam Morton. I argue that neo-Gramscians have yet to adequately address some important challenges and criticisms of their method around its overly “top-down” mode of analysis, its neglect of forms of resistance and its excessively global and cosmopolitan account of neoliberal hegemony and especially resistance. I maintain that a return to the letter of Gramsci’s writings on hegemony and its national-popular and democratic character would not only allow neo-Gramscians to address more effectively these weaknesses, but also strengthen their approach and align it more effectively with trends in contemporary politics.

Keywords: Gramsci; International Relations; Hegemony; National-Popular.

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