The characteristics and attitudes of passengers towards the quality of services provided on the coastal routes of southwest Crete


  • Ioannis Sitzimis Hellenic Mediterranean University, Heraklion, Greece



Financial report, Board size, Board diligence , Financial expertise, board independence


The ports of southwest Crete mainly concern those of Gavdos, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Palaiochora, Sougia and Chora Sfakion. The main objective of this article is to analyze passengers’ characteristics, market conditions, and attitudes of Cretan residents towards the quality of services provided on the coastal routes of this specific region. The research is unique and can be extended to high demand coastal lines worldwide. We focused mainly on the "Sfakia-Agia Roumeli" coastal line, which consistently gathers the highest passenger traffic, and on the coastal company which holds an almost monopoly position in the market. In this context, primary research through structured questionnaires took place. The results showed that the participants are not completely satisfied with the company and its services, consider safety on-board as the most important quality factor, are concerned by the age of the ships and are willing to pay more for any quality improvements. Also, non-parametric inferential tests revealed that passengers who travel with their vehicle are more satisfied than those who travel without it, while their degree of satisfaction is stronger the more times they have traveled on these lines and if they travel for business reasons

Author Biography

Ioannis Sitzimis, Hellenic Mediterranean University, Heraklion, Greece

Ioannis Sitzimis is a graduate of the departments of "Economic Sciences" and "Hellenic Culture". He holds two master’s degrees specializing in "Maritime Economics and Policy" and "Administration and Training in Education" and a PhD in "Maritime science". He is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Business Administration and Tourism at the Hellenic Mediterranean University. His teaching experience concerns 7 years in higher education and about 20 years in secondary education. Academically, he published 12 articles in scientific journals and he have participated in 6 international conferences and workshops. His scientific interests are mainly related to "Transport Economics" (with an emphasis on shipping) and "Educational Economics". For the time being, he is General Secretary at the Maritime Museum of Crete.