Exploring Entrepreneurship Education in the Performing Arts: Perceptions of Nigerian Theatrepreneurs


  • Abdulazeez Lawal Lagos State Polytechnic, Nigeria; Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Nurudeen Ibrahim Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria
  • Hameed Ojodu Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria
  • Kuburat Salvador Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria




Keywords: Entrepreneurship education; theaterepreneurs; performing arts; motivation ;ethics


AbsThis study delves into the emerging field of entrepreneurship education in the performing arts, aiming to investigate current practices and evaluate the effectiveness of entrepreneurial endeavors within this domain. Focusing on Nigerian graduate and undergraduate prospective entrepreneurs, commonly referred to as theatrepreneurs, who pursue careers in drama, dancing, script writing, and other performing arts disciplines. The research utilizes qualitative methods. Forty purposefully selected respondents were interviewed, employing a mediated interview approach to identify theatrepreneurs' characteristics, motivations, and the significant challenges they encounter in their professional and entrepreneurial journeys. The findings demonstrate that participants opt for the performing arts primarily for personal career development rather than financial incentives. They highlight the benefits of talent development, confidence building, and professional growth. Nevertheless, the study identifies major obstacles such as time management, financial constraints, adaptation to the performing arts environment, unethical practices, and personal style, which significantly affect career development. Despite these challenges, respondents express optimism about the future of the profession. Based on the study's outcomes, it is recommended to introduce entrepreneurship education programs that nurture students' abilities to think creatively, reflectively, strategically, and analytically about their artistic practices. Such initiatives would further enhance professional career development within the performing arts industry.