No-code Development Platforms: Breaking the Boundaries between IT and Business Experts


  • Giorgia Masili Tor Vergata University of Rome, Italy



Financial report, Board size, Board diligence, Financial expertise, Board independence


The importance of Low-code and No-code technologies is increasing due to the lack of knowledge about hand-coding languages and the difficulty in recruiting professional developers in companies that want to speed up the applications’ development process. This study aims to understand the impact of Low-code and No-code development platforms (LCDPs and NCDPs) on business dynamics as enablers in bridging the gap between business and Information technology (IT) experts’ collaboration. The topic’s novelty encourages an explorative research approach by following a case study strategy developed through a qualitative semi-structured interview and the card-based game method to support data collection. Two companies located in different countries and sectors were involved, and four key informants were interviewed. The evidence of the analysis shows the main reasons that have encouraged companies to adopt NCDPs, which reside in the possibility of speeding up process automation and applications’ development, allowing employees to learn how to use the platform autonomously, empowering collaboration among business experts and IT professionals as well as increasing customer satisfaction. The study represents an additional contribution to the importance of LCDPs and NCDPs as tools that enable faster automation of processes and software and application development in companies in different sectors

Author Biography

Giorgia Masili, Tor Vergata University of Rome, Italy

Giorgia Masili has been employed at the Department of Management and Law at Tor Vergata University of Rome (Italy) as Postdoctoral Researcher since 2020. She received her PhD in 2020 from the Carlo Bo University of Urbino on the theme concerning the role of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in the internationalization process of Born Global companies. She spent six months as a visiting doctoral student at the Department of International Marketing at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) in 2018. Her current research focuses on Digital Transformation, Agile and Innovation Management, and Low-code and No-code Technologies. She is a reviewer for the International Journal of Export Marketing and a member of the Italian Society of Management (SIMA), British Academy of Management (BAM), and European Academy of Management (EURAM).