Foreign market entry decision-making: what do we know so far?


  • Simone Guercini University of Florence, Italy
  • Matilde Milanesi University of Florence, Italy
  • Andrea Runfola University of Perugia, Italy



The paper proposes a systematic review of the literature on foreign market entry decision-making. The decision-making process in this area is particularly challenging for companies, given the lack of familiarity with an international environment characterized by increasing complexity and, therefore, a high level of uncertainty. The article adopts a systematic approach to reviewing the literature, to investigate the state of research on the topic, as well as the main theoretical approaches and decision-making processes for entering foreign markets. A total of 64 articles published in international business and international marketing journals are examined. The paper proposes a descriptive and thematic analysis of the articles and highlights the main theoretical approaches adopted, the declinations of the concept of uncertainty, and the entry modes as decision-making contexts. Finally, the paper suggests future directions for research.

Author Biography

Simone Guercini, University of Florence, Italy

Full Professor, Department of Economics, Society and Politics (DESP)


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